Your Personality Is An Idea

The image of your personality is created by the things you say, do and think about. Change those three things and you change this illusion you call a "personality".Your identity is not this fixed thing but this everchanging pattern of behavior. Your personality is only what you think of yourself. You can choose who you…Read more Your Personality Is An Idea


We Are Attracted To Happy People

We all want to be happy. Maybe the explanation can be explained through the quantum world. Maybe my atoms are attracted to atoms that vibrate at higher frequencies. From an evolutionary perspective I want to be around happy people because happiness is a sign that all one's basic needs are met and thus I subconsciously…Read more We Are Attracted To Happy People

The First Truth of Philosophy

After several years of studying great thinkers such as Plato and Galileo, French philosopher, Rene Descartes, was left with more questions than answers. He found that philosophy only lead him to a position of skepticism as every question was being debated by philosophers. There were no absolute truths in philosophy.Realizing that there was no way…Read more The First Truth of Philosophy