A lot of us fear death. We fear letting go of all the relationships we’ve made and the memories we’ve had. We are afraid that one day we will no longer exist and the world will go on and forget about us like we were never here.

But what is death?

The idea of death is something that has been created by us humans. We believe in it so much because we identify ourselves with our personalities and our physical bodies and assume that once we transition to the next form of existence we will no longer be the being we once were.

If we pay attention to everything around us. We will notice that nothing ever dies. Ice melts into water and water is heated into water vapor. The is the nature of the universe. A continuous cycle of transformation.

Therefore we cannot identify with the temporary. That is only a narrow view of what we are. Water is only temporarily water until it transforms. We are only temporarily humans until our next transformation.

We must identify ourselves with the eternal.

The life of a human being can be compared with the waves of the ocean. A wave will slowly start forming, gaining momentum and growing in size until it is easily distinguishable from the rest of the ocean. The wave will then start losing momentum as it reaches the shore and eventually dies down and returns to the ocean. The wave does not cease to exist when it returns, the wave was merely a form of the ocean. The wave was, is and always will be the ocean. This is our relationship with the universe. We have always been and always will be the universe.


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