The experiences you’ve had throughout your life has moulded you into this person you’ve become. Your environment has built your character. When you truly understand this, you’ll recognise that you have the ability to create the person you will become. If the experiences you are exposed to builds your character, you start becoming very careful about the thoughts and experiences you feed your mind.

What you do today will determine the person you will be tomorrow.

From an evolutionary perspective, our bodies are tuned into the path of life that ensures survival. A person that is healthier and has a better ability to adapt to their environment will be happier because ultimately, they have a better chance of survival.  

The development of good habits in all aspects of your life such as reading for mental improvement and exercise for physical improvement will ensure that you become a resilient character. The obstacles of life will not get easier, but you will have the ability to overcome them without feeling overwhelmed.

This does not mean that we should take the path of least resistance because without resistance you cannot develop strength. The aim is to find the middle ground between overwhelming stress and becoming too comfortable.

 The Four Essential Habits That Will Build Your Character:

– Develop healthy relationships: We will become the people we spend time with. It’s important to surround yourself with people you admire as their behaviors and opinions will influence that way you think and live your own life. If you do not consciously choose the people you want to spend time with and leave it up to chance, you surrender the power to create the life you want to live.

– Meditation: Our minds are constantly being exposed to enormous amounts of information everyday. Our minds don’t have the ability to process all that information so it builds up stress. We need to learn to give our mind a break from the constant stream of thoughts that run through our minds and bring ourselves back to the present where we will find momentary peace.

– Physical exercise: Exercise will help you release built up stress and leave you feeling more capable of dealing with everyday situations. Building a strong, healthy body is vital. You’ll not only have more energy, but also feel much happier and calmer.

Reading or some form of mental stimulation: Nowadays the options are endless. Books, podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks, movies. There hasn’t been a better time in history to access information. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of entertaining but empty distractions. To improve our characters mentally, we must seek out sources of information that challenge our own ideas and open us up to a whole new way of thinking.

These core principles are the pillars that will hold up the foundation of your life and give you the freedom to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.








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