For thousands of years human beings have attempted to come up with theories explaining the nature of reality and our place in it. We have used logic and reasoning to develop arguments in the hopes of trying to make sense of the world around us. The trouble comes when we realize that we have developed theories derived from the human perspective.

Our eyes don’t allow us to see things outside of the visible spectrum. Our ears can only hear between certain decibel ranges. There are scents we can’t smell, flavors we can’t taste and thing we can’t feel.  There is an entire universe of experience that we do not have the ability to perceive through our senses.

Our senses create the world around us. If no one on earth had the ability of sight, how could we possibly understand the concept of colour? Therefore, there must an unlimited number of experiences we will never be able to grasp.

This does not mean we must cease to look for ways to explain reality. We just have to understand that the theories conjured up will only be explaining reality from a human perspective, and not the true essence of reality itself.

There are things in the universe that will always remain a mystery.







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