The world we experience may be a simulation. It is certainly possible that what we experience does not actually exist. That everything we experience is just our minds projecting out a reality that seems concrete and real.

But then why do we all experience the same reality?

You would think that that would be enough evidence to prove that there is an objective reality that we all experience, but it’s possible that we experience the same thing not because there is something external that exists, but because our senses are the same.

We may see the same objects because our eyes are the same. We may hear the same sounds because our ears are the same. We may experience the same reality because we all have the same senses.

Imagine having an experience of the ocean. You see the waves crashing, you hear the sounds of the waves and you can feel the water on your skin.

Now imagine a person didn’t have any of our senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste and had 5 completely different senses. They cannot see, hear, smell, taste or feel the ocean. What would this person’s experience of the ocean be? Would this person even have an experience of the ocean or is the ocean merely the result of what our minds have created from our five senses?

We can never know for sure because like the 18th century philosopher David Hume says, all of our ideas are acquired empirically. Meaning all of our ideas come from the combination of our impressions or experiences we get from the world. 

Therefore we may never know if the world really exists or if it is just a reality our minds have created.



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