Terence McKenna

I remember the first time I heard one of Terence McKenna’s lectures, I was left speechless. His breathtaking descriptions of the psychedelic world seemed to transcend everything I knew about reality.

He has the ability to take you on a journey far beyond you ever imagined, revealing the truths of reality along the way. Terence will make you question everything you know and show you the game of life you didn’t even realize you were playing.

Terence has mastered the art of language, giving him the ability to express his ideas in a way few have ever been able to. Once you listen to Terence McKenna’s lectures, you’ll never see the world the same way again.

Alain de Botton

Alain de Botton is most famously known as a philosopher of everyday life. He lectures about nearly everything, relationships, depression, finding the right partner, how to be happy etc.

Listening to his videos will certainly gives you a certain sense of relief as his whole philosophy is based on the idea that everyone is inherently flawed, and instead of striving for perfection, we must find a way to accept ourselves as imperfect beings.

He has a popular youtube channel called “The School of Life” where he combines his philosophy of life with well done animated videos to produce captivating short essays.

Alan Watts

With his hypnotic voice and beautifully crafted lectures, Alan Watts takes you on a journey through time, religion, god and the meaning of life. He has a deep knowledge of eastern philosophies and is one of the most influential people in bringing the ideas of eastern philosophy to the western world.

Alan Watts may be very helpful to those who have lost faith in religion and those seeking a new philosophy to believe in.

Alan Watts is a master of metaphors, he will undoubtedly give you a new perspective on life and who you are as a human being in this vast universe of mystery.


You can listen to all three of these philosophers on youtube. 

Thanks for reading.



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