Lately I’ve noticed strange things happening. One thing I’m sure most people can relate to, is the situation where you’re thinking of someone and immediately after you get a text from them. Now most people tend to attribute that to mere coincidence. I don’t think so. This has occurred much too often to be only coincidence.

So what could it be?

It’s possible that our minds are able to sense the intentions of others.

This means that our minds must be all connected in some form through an invisible thread. If the intentions of one person can affect another person’s thoughts, then the limits of the mind is not bound up by the physical constraints of one’s body. This would mean that although our bodies are always in a specific space at a specific time, the mind does not work in this way at all. The mind is everywhere, all the time. The mind transcends this dimension of space and time.

Now if this is the case, that would mean there is a dimension that allows our minds to communicate with each other through thinking. A dimension of pure thought interacting with each other.

But the astounding thing I’ve realized is this: The interaction of thoughts in this realm would resemble the thought process of an individual mind. Therefore, this interaction between thoughts could possibly be a godlike being, thinking.




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