Social media has changed everything. It has become the king of marketing. Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for businesses to invest in ads to market their products and the creators of those ads will become the artists of this generation.

There hasn't been a better time in history for artists to benefit from their creativity.

Whether it be creating social media ads for companies or producing content on your own channel, the most important skill you can have is the ability to produce quality content.

Creating engaging content will attract an audience that will help you bring awareness to any product or service you are providing.

Writing artcles, editing videos and giving interviews are the skills every person should master if they want to have a voice in this online world.

It's hard to know whether the current social networks such as Facebook will be relevant in the future or if there will be new emerging social networks. If Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are replaced by other social networks you can always post your content to the new emerging platform. The most important thing is having quality content.


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